The world is catching on to something we’ve known for a while; Isla Navarino, one of the last true wilderness areas in the world is the place to go for experienced hikers searching out new horizons. USA Today lists the Fuegian island as one of seven top new trips to emerging destinations

“Argentina’s Ushuaia may be famous as the southernmost city on Earth, but it’s tiny, tiny Puerto Williams, Chile, on Isla Navarino, that can lay claim to being the southernmost settled community on the planet. An overnight in the wind-whipped fishing community is a highlight, but the rugged surroundings are the real draw.

From Puerto Williams, hearty hikers with navigation experience can head out on the Dientes Circuit, an unmarked track that circumnavigates the island. (A good map and working compass are musts.) There are no established campsites—this is roughing it—but the views across the water of the other mountainous islands of Tierra del Fuego are incredible. The Dientes track was developed in the late ’90′s, but only in recent years has it started to gain real traction, as the number of trekkers in other Patagonian regions continue to grow and those seeking solitude are driven elsewhere.” writes Andrea Minarcek.

For hikers that feel more comfortable with a guide we offer 7-day guided tours at USD 1890,- per person (including flights between Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams). We have set dates for this trip, but we can offer more dates on request if you are two or more.

Dates 2013-14
16-nov – 22-nov-2013
13-dic – 19-dic-2013
15-jan – 21-jan-2014
12-feb – 18-feb-2014

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