With the 2013-14 season just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to talk a little about some of the new and exciting stuff Chilean Patagonia has to offer travelers. Lets start with the most important category, “things to do”:

1.- Hiking the Dientes circuit on Isla Navarino

This circuit for serious hikers is actually the most southern hike in the world. This spectacular trail takes you around the “Dientes de Navarino” mountain range of Isla Navarino in 5 days and it has very recently been getting more and more attention. Now is the time to hike it, before the rest of the world finds out too…

2.- Mountain biking in Torres del Paine national park

Life-long mountain bike enthusiast and outdoor meister Cristian “Mono” Oyarzo has finally gotten round to realizing his biggest dream; guiding mountain bike tours through Torres del Paine National Park. We are certainly a big fan and jumped at the chance to offer his tours starting this season. Stay tuned for updates on this subject.

3.- Visiting the King Penguins of Tierra del Fuego

Three years ago suddenly a group of twenty King Penguins appeared on a little stretch of land along Bahia Inutil or “useless bay” (so cheerily named by a frustrated captain in the 1800′s). Then the others came and now the group is 60 strong. The human visitors didn’t lag much behind, after all this is the only place on the continent where these beautiful animals can be observed in the wild. To protect the penguins and control the number and behavior of the visitors a conservation project is now brought into existence under the name of “Parque Pinguino Rey”. You can enter it in small guided groups for a fee of around USD 25,- and observe the Penguins from various angles lying on your belly from a safe distance of 20 meters.

4.- Yoga and Hiking in Patagonia

All right, time for some shameless self promotion. Its just that I am very excited about this so I would love for more people to find out about it. We love hiking and we love yoga so we decided to integrate these two activities into one awesome trip for yoga and hiking lovers like us. The yoga classes are given by Hatha Yoga teacher Susanne Steiger in the beautiful Yoga Dome of Puerto Natales and the hikes all take place in and around Torres del Paine national park. This is one of those magical trips that will stay with you forever.

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