Its no secret by now that I love Isla Navarino. Its probably one of the most exotic and far flung places I ever visited. What I like a lot is that Isla Navarino is not just about one thing. Its as much about hiking as it is about sailing and there is a very strong sense of indigenous culture too. Here are some pictures I took while visiting (you can read about my visit here) and a couple taken by Moritz Becher on our guided hike of the Dientes de Navarino Circuit

Fishing boats in Puerto Williams

Camping next to Laguna Salto - Dientes de Navarino Circuit

Lighthouse on the shore of the Beagle Channel

Roberto, proud owner of El Arbol pub & resto in Puerto Williams

On top of Cerro Bandera - Isla Navarino

Hiking through lush forests on Isla Navarino

Exhibit on the Yamana, the original inhabitants of Isla Navarino, at the Museo Anthropologico Martin Gusinde - Puerto Williams

Hiking the Dientes Circuit - Isla Navarino

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