Just a little post to show off some pictures we took on Cerro Dorotea this Sunday. Cerro Dorotea is a small mount near Puerto Natales, about 800 mtrs high. Its made up in large part of sandstone and has some interesting conglomerate formations as well. The long west-facing wall looming over the town is home to a great many condors who build their nests on its terraces.

Hiking up to Cerro Dorotea

So up we went and took a few pictures. Infuriatingly, every time the camera was off we would hear massive wing-flapping sounds behind us, fumble to turn it on while a condor soared overhead and miss the best shots.

Condor Cerro Dorotea

Chasing condors

Chasing condors

Someone with somewhat better timing is Mr Rodrigo Muñoz:






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